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Pheasant Ridge Apartments and United Apartment Group is committed to compliance with all federal, state and local fair housing laws and will screen all applicants uniformly, including the Texas and Federal Fair Housing Acts and anti discrimination laws, the Federal Fair Credit Reporting Act, program guidelines, and the Department's rules, and consideration for reasonable accommodations requested to complete the application process. It is our policy to offer apartment for rental to the general public without regard to race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, handicap or any other state or locally protected classification. Maximum rent and maximum income are adhered to as required by the Texas Department of Housing and Community Affairs (TDHCA) LIHTC Program. All applicants and co-applicants must be 18 and over unless protected by the familial status per the Fair Housing amendment. All adult members of the household must complete a Rental Application and each applicant must pay the application fee at the time of application submission. Third party written verification may be obtained to certify household claim.

United Apartment Group uses verifiable information provided by an applicant and Leasing Desk Screening program to determine whether an applicant qualifies and what if any conditions may apply. Our Rental Criteria requires all applicants to meet the following criteria in order to qualify for housing at our community. Please note that these are the current rental criteria and nothing in these requirements shall constitute a guarantee or representation by our community that all residents and occupants currently residing in our community have met these requirements. There may be residents and occupants that have resided here prior to these requirements going into effect. Additionally, our ability to verify whether these requirements are met is limited to the information we received from various applicant reporting services.

In accordance with the Violence Against Women Reauthorization Act (VAWA) of 2013, this property will not deny admission, deny lease renewal, or evict on the basis that the applicant has been a victim(s) of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault or stalking.

Any applicants with disabilities wishing to request a reasonable accommodation to complete the application process may contact the Community Manager by phone or letter.
Hearing impaired individuals may call 711 to be connected to services to assist in contacting the property.

Maximum Occupancy:
Apartment Size - Maximum # of Occupants - Rent Limits

    One Bedroom - 2 Occupants - 60% - $793.00
    Two Bedroom - 4 Occupants - 60% - $952.00

Application Fees and Deposits: Application fees are $15.00 for the 1st applicant and $15.00 per additional applicant. Deposits are $150.00 (1 bdrm) and $200.00 (2 bdrm) per apartment. This amount can increase to one month's rent depending upon credit scoring and are fully refundable based on lease contract guidelines.

In order to be accepted as a resident, each applicant must provide third party verification for required information in each of the categories listed below. Failure to meet eligibility requirements in any one or more of these categories will result in rejection of the application.

  • Household Composition
    Definition of household composition: As listed on the application, the first or primary applicant. If only one person is applying, that person will be the head of household. Definition of co-head: the second applicant listed on the application.
  • Income
    Section 8 applicants are welcome. For affordable housing units, the household income must be within the maximum allowed income range as specified by TDHCA as applicable. The following is the maximum allowable income per household, by number of occupants.

Household Size - 60% Income Limits

    1 Person - $29,640
    2 Person - $33,840
    3 Person - $38,100
    4 Person - $42,300
    5 Person - $45,720
    6 Person - $49,080

Income/Employment History/Asset Verifications:
All applicants must provide us with proof of income and assets prior to application approval. If any source of income or assets cannot be substantially documented we will obtain third party verifications. Acceptable forms of verification include but are not limited to:

  • Four consecutive paycheck stubs for each applicant
  • Job offer with salary (on company letter head with contact information)
  • Most recent tax return or W-2
  • Consecutive or most recent six months of bank statements
  • Child support or alimony when directed by a court
  • Grants, pensions, trust funds
  • GI benefits, disability, social security

Social Security Requirement:
Applicants must disclose social security numbers (SSNs) for all family members if applicable. Foreign nationals/non-us citizens may be required to complete a supplemental rental application for non us citizens and provide valid and current USCIS documentation and photo ID (passport, driver license, US identification card, or identification card from home country).

All residents will be responsible for their gas and electricity. Water, sewer and trash will be paid by the owner. Proof of utility account numbers and transfer must be provided to management prior to lease signing. Utilities applicable as stipulated in the lease contract.

Waiting list and Apartment Transfers
Leasing is based on a first come, first serve basis. Applicant(s) and current residents will be placed on a waiting list in chronological orders by preference of apartment home size and income designation. The waitlist status if closed will be posted in the management office.

  • Applicant will be required to complete a rental application, supplemental rental application and pay the necessary application fees. The management will screen the household for criminal and credit. Depending on the date of move-in, these forms and fees may need to be completed again prior to move-in.
  • Any applicant requiring an accessible unit will be a priority when one becomes available and will move to the top of the waitlist.
  • Once the unit size and income limit is determined, management will place the applicant on the appropriate waiting list. The waitlist will order applicant by the date the application is received by management. When the applicants name reaches the top of the waitlist and a unit type becomes available, management will contact the applicant at the address, email address or phone number provided by the applicant.
  • If we do not hear back from the applicant within 5 business days, management will attempt to contact the applicant a 2nd time. If we do not reach the applicant on the 2nd attempt and do not hear back from the applicant in 1 business day, we will move to the next person on the waiting list. If the applicant turns down 3 apartments that meet their criteria provided, we reserve the right to remove the applicant from the waiting list.
  • If the applicant is interested in the apartment that is available, the applicant will come to the office and complete the remaining part of the application paperwork within 2 business days. Management will screen the household for criminal and credit (if previous screening is older than 120 days) and verify income and assets. When the appointment is scheduled, the applicant will need to bring all documentation requested by management.

In order for a resident to transfer to another apartment within the community the resident must meet one of the following criteria:

  • Have experienced a change in household composition
  • Have experienced a change in income which is permanent in nature
  • Require a reasonable accommodation for a disability
  • Requests due to initiating VAWA guidelines

In addition, all transfers must meet the following guidelines:
  • Must fulfill at least one lease term (of one full year) in their current apartment
  • Paid a $200 non-refundable transfer fee (not applicable to reasonable accommodation for a disability or VAWA guidelines)

If a resident meets one of these criteria, which must be verified and is qualified for the new apartment, and pays a non-refundable $200 transfer fee, they will be placed on the waiting list in the order the request for transfer is requested. Residents on the waiting list will not have priority over applicants on the waiting list. If a household on the transfer list refuses an appropriate unit when it becomes available, they will be moved to the bottom of the transfer list. The only exception to the waiting list order is the transfer due to the need for and accessible unit or VAWA accommodations.

Note: All transfers must be approved by management. Transfers solely for the convenience of a resident are not authorized until the end of their lease term. All outstanding charges must be paid in full prior to transfer. Transfers will be based on previous rental history, payment history and lease violations. Three late payments and/or three lease violations can prevent a resident transfer from being approved.

Reasonable Accommodations:
If a current resident or applicant is requesting a reasonable accommodation to their unit or direct path access, the request needs to be submitted to the management office for review, at which time you will be notified within 10 days of the decision. If denied you can request further review by upper management. A decision will be made and the tenant/applicant will be notified within 10 days of that decision.

A letter is sent to the applicant, informing him/her of the rejection and the reason(s) for the rejection within 7 days of determination. The applicant is advised in this letter that he/she has 7 days of the date of the letter to request a review of rejection and the applicant may request a meeting with management of the community to appeal the rejection. The community supervisor will review the application and the decision to reject the applicant. To the extent practicable, this review will be completed within 5 business days of the applicants request for review. The applicant will be sent a written, final determination within five business days of completion of the review. Non-Renewal/Termination notices will be given only for "just cause". If notice is given it will state the nature of the violation(s) and reason for the determination to terminate/non-renew the lease. If you request an appeal or reasonable accommodation based upon this notice you will need to discuss it with the property manager. If necessary they will have 10 days to reply, If necessary it may have to be brought to the attention of upper management which could delay the decision up to an additional 10 days.

Electronic Payments:
United Apartment Group encourages our residents to create an online account through our resident portal available on our community website www.pheasantridgeapthomes.com. This will conveniently allow you to pay your rent and manage your account online.

Equal Housing Opportunity:
We do business in accordance with the Federal Fair Housing Laws (Title VIII of the Civil Rights Act of 1968, as amended by Fair Housing Community Development Act of 1974). It is illegal to discriminate against any person because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, handicap or familial status.

"I hereby authorize United Apartment Group to obtain a consumer report, and any other information it deems necessary for the purpose of evaluating my application. I understand that such information may include, but is not limited to, credit history, civil and criminal information, records of arrests, rental history, employment/salary details, vehicle records, licensing records, and/or any other necessary information. I hereby expressly release United Apartment Group, and any procurer or furnisher of such information, and understand that my application information may be provided to various local, state and/or federal government agencies, including without limitation, various law enforcement agencies. I authorize United Apartment Group to bill my account for all fees associated with processing my application. By signing this document you acknowledge that you have had the opportunity to review the Rental Criteria. If you do not meet the rental criteria or have submitted incomplete or falsified application may lead to rejection of your application or immediate termination of your lease and any fees associated with processing the application will be forfeited as liquidated damages. This community will operate under an affirmative marketing plan. All Fair Housing Laws will be followed." I/We have read and understand the above rental criteria and authorize verification of the application information. I/We agree to all terms above.

I/We have read and understand the rental criteria for this community.

Please choose "I Agree" to continue to the application.

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